A Fashion,Luxury and … Wine Evening Talk

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Last Friday (26/04/2017) LuxStyle Consulting organised once again an exclusive event together with FLIS (Fashion Law Institute Spain). It was a marvellous meeting where topics discussed included not only how to produce a fashion event, but also the future of them and where this industry is going.

It was a pleasure to discuss this with important attendees that helped us to understand that a careful and delicate selection of personnel as well as appropriate staging are essential values to take into account in a production in the world of luxury.

Don’t miss all the photos of our latest event!

AdminA Fashion,Luxury and … Wine Evening Talk
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A luxury event at PONS Foundation

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At LuxStyle Consulting’s offices, we could not be happier, because we were invited by PonsIP to participate in their official new programmes presentation and to celebrate it and strengthen our ties with PonsIP collaborators,

PonsIP dedicated their morning to getting to know each other better, talked about fashion, luxury and law, looked for work synergies and spent some time with their special guest Hannibal Laguna, Alex Penadés, Retail Division Director y North America Business Innovation Jeanología Directors and Jorge Arévalo from FSH Branding,

It was a great day where we learned very interesting things! We don’t want to leave without acknowledging the presence and work of our IT-Models and important professionals that helped LuxStyle´s Consulting at the presentation

And so, we bid you farewell for now, we will see you in our next post,

AdminA luxury event at PONS Foundation
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Last week was magical like a fairytale dream. It was one of those weeks that you will remember with great  fondeness because Madrid Bridal Week took place. LuxStyle Consulting collaborated with the designers, models and sponsors. Some of the exquisite designs and memories from Rubén Perlotti triumphant extravaganza at the conclusion of this luxury fashion week can be seen below.

We don´t want to forget to congratulate to our IT-Models and photographers who contributed to making this week so memorable  in the wonderful Galeria de Cristal.

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Last night, Fely Campo presented her outstanding collection at Costura España Catwalk, which was  completely exquisite showing her preference for clothes that display the strength of the female personality. This is a faithful extension to the exquisite  expertise and glamorous style for which Fely Campo is known.

LuxStyle Consulting couldn´t miss her collection and say hi to some of our IT-Models in a wonderful night in which Fashion, Luxury and Bridal intermingled!

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LuxStyle Consulting goes behind the scenes

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The good thing about Momad Shoes is that it has lasted many days. Many days full of fashion, style, design and inspiration. The bad thing is that, like all good things, it also comes to an end.

Between catwalk and catwalk, we have come backstage to observe the atmosphere… and it is in these moments that we see how the models run from one side to the other, the hairdryers don’t stop making noise, the hairdresser adds the last few touches, the make-up artist quickly goes over the models’ lips, the illustrious attendees talk to the press, the rhythm is frantic! It’s marvellous!And unfortunately, it all stops, the models stay still with the conductor. Everything is ready! Everything is silent! One, two, three… The show has just started! And we want to share this moment with you.

AdminLuxStyle Consulting goes behind the scenes
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LuxStyle Consulting participate in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid Off, Dress Museum

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Last Sunday, we participated in organising the Novel´s Designers catwalk, of the prestigious school ESNE, in Madrid at the “Museo de Traje” (Dress Museum).

It was a success in all regards – we loved being a part of it, especially because it is an honour to support the new talent in the sector.

Next, we show you some of the designs from the autumn-winter collection. This collection utilises innovation with the light, different materials and techniques to create exquiste clothing.

AdminLuxStyle Consulting participate in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid Off, Dress Museum
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