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Luxstyle Consulting is a Boutique Consultancy specialising in Strategy and Business in the Fashion and Luxury Industries

Juan Borges CEO & Founder

Juan Borges, with more than ten years of experience working with clients of high calibre and C level directors, and a Masters of Business Administration degree (EMBA) in Trinity College Dublin, he has become one of the best professionals specialised in managing strategic groups. He has an innate ability and ample experience in organising international events and corporations. It is because of this, that currently, he directs different international projects in the Fashion sector and the Luxury industry successfully.

Aitor Gamindez Business Developer Manager

Aitor, a graduate of Fine Arts and CEO of Fuenterrabia43, has more than fifteen years’ experience in the world of Art, Decoration and Luxury. He has a plethora of experience in event organisation and is a specialist in the creation of content and staging. Aitor has become a key player in the Luxury industry thanks to his innate talent to conceptualise spaces, his attention to detail, commercial expertise and commitment to Art.

Clare Hill Head of Department of Comunication and Translation in the Irish Office

Combining her love of languages and different cultures with her business background, Clare has worked in New York, London, Spain and Ireland in the areas of sales and communication. Also, Clare has received various academic awards and she graduated with honours from University College Dublin.

Almudena Serrano PR & Digital Marketing

Almudena is a renowned expert in Content Marketing and SEO positioning. She focuses on creating a strategic character and references her clients’ corporate blogs to integrate them into the positioning strategy and a competitive advantage against competitors. Creator of the numerous blogs, specialised in Fashion for Millenials.

Beatriz Navarro Office & Events Manager

Office manager and financial accountant with more than 15 years of experience, Beatriz possesses a great capability to analyse and synthesise, helping to promote whatever type of change in the organisation, involved with applied social anthropology in fashion and sustainable luxury.

Álvaro Gómez Photographer

Alvaro creates photographs and high quality pieces both in Fashion and Events for corporate clients. Alvaro creates his works with the latest trends and photographic techniques. The satisfaction of our clients and his perfectionism are the best indicators of his success.


  • "Desde la coordinación de la primera reunión, hemos sido asesorados con mucha profesionalidad. Destacar la eficiencia en la escucha y en las respuestas, con un clarísimo dominio de todos los temas que fueron considerados, todo acompañado de auténtica calidez humana. Auguramos éxitos a LuxStyle Consulting"  

    Highly Preppy
  • "From the first very meeting, the LuxStyle Consulting approach was highly professional,receptive,skilled and responsive to our needs. Nothing was too much trouble and all of our questions were answered honestly,respectfully and patiently, We are confident that LuxStyle Consulting will go from strength to strength and we wish it every success"  

    Highly Preppy
  • "Ha sido un placer trabajar con LuxStyle Consulting, empresa que se destaca por sus grandes valores profesionales y humanos, estamos muy agradecidos por la eficiencia con la que se ha desarrollado nuestro proyecto"  

    S Moda
  • "It has been a great pleasure working with LuxStyle Consulting. The company is highly professional and has truly human values and warmth.We are exceedingly grateful for the efficiency with which LuxStyle Consulting delivered our Project"  

    S Moda


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