LuxStyle Consulting received the Golden Medal awarded by Spanish Association of Image Professionals

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At the offices of LuxStyle Consulting, we couldn’t be happier and that’s because we have wrapped up the year and are now in the full swing of the festivities.  Last Friday, we received the Golden Medal awarded by Spanish Association of Image Professionals as recognition of our work, perseverance and dedication. Finally, after a lot of discipline and sacrifices, our dreams have come true!

The award was presented by the Presenter and Communicator Agustín Bravo. The Honorary Panel included figures such as Mr. Alberto Cerán, Stylist and Ambassador of the company L’Oreal; Mr. Antonio Montien, Portrait painter, Mrs. Purificación García, Fashion Designer; and Mr. Elio Berhanyer, High-end Spanish Designer.

What a magnificent event in a marvellous setting, the Westin Palace!

And with that fine event, we close business for the year, a year that has been full of success and achievements. A year in which we are grateful to all those who have been there, helping us, and those who have supported our core foundation with their advice which was warmly received, and above all received with so much love.

Thank you

And to next year, LuxStyle!

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Photos: Álvaro Gómez

AdminLuxStyle Consulting received the Golden Medal awarded by Spanish Association of Image Professionals
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A luxury event at PONS Foundation

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At LuxStyle Consulting’s offices, we could not be happier, because we were invited by PonsIP to participate in their official new programmes presentation and to celebrate it and strengthen our ties with PonsIP collaborators,

PonsIP dedicated their morning to getting to know each other better, talked about fashion, luxury and law, looked for work synergies and spent some time with their special guest Hannibal Laguna, Alex Penadés, Retail Division Director y North America Business Innovation Jeanología Directors and Jorge Arévalo from FSH Branding,

It was a great day where we learned very interesting things! We don’t want to leave without acknowledging the presence and work of our IT-Models and important professionals that helped LuxStyle´s Consulting at the presentation

And so, we bid you farewell for now, we will see you in our next post,

AdminA luxury event at PONS Foundation
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The Keys of Online Marketing in the Luxury Sector

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Marketing for a luxury brand is not the same as marketing for a mass consumer brand. Luxury brands have their own distinct personalities and exclusive natures meaning that traditional marketing – guerrilla tactics, consumer, mass communication – are exactly the opposite of what is needed.

From here, the main doubt for luxury brands is, do I launch into digital business?

And the answer to this question is undoubtedly: YES!

AdminThe Keys of Online Marketing in the Luxury Sector
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A Luxury inauguration at the more Exclusive & Fashion Club in Madrid

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Urbano Galindo successfully inaugurated his exhibition in Madrid, Urbano´s artwork is created with a technique mixing mirror and polycarbonate materials. The principal colours are purple, blue and gold.

The attendance at the exhibition included celebrities from business and the arts, who were highly impressed with and enthusiastic about the artist´s work.  In the midst of the attendance was the Luxury Godmother, Carmen Martínez-Bordiú, who was at Urbano´s side throughout the entire event. Carmen is a close friend of the artist and has posed for him several times featuring in famous portraits.

This was a luxurious exhibition that charted the artist´s evolution over the years and promoted Spanish art in the luxury sector.

Madrid turned out in all its finery to receive this Luxury artist in the most fashionable and exclusive club in the capital.

Special thanks is due to The Excellence Club, who was the event´s principal sponsor.

LuxStyle Consulting We are LifeStyle Consultants and we organise Luxury events.

Juan Borges

Photos: Álvaro Sánchez

AdminA Luxury inauguration at the more Exclusive & Fashion Club in Madrid
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LuxStyle successfully present the inauguration Fashion Week Madrid; Juana Martín

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LuxStyle Consulting successfully organised and presented the inauguration of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at the Railway Museum with the new collection created by the designer Juana Martin. Highlighting the luxury and exclusive nature of the event was the presence of Begoña López, wife of the President of the Government in her first appearance in this official role. Juana Martin dedicated the event and donated the money raised to the Protection against Breast Cancer Charity managed by GEICAM Group.

We say goodbye with these photographs from the event.

We are LifeStyle Consultants and we organise Luxury events.

AdminLuxStyle successfully present the inauguration Fashion Week Madrid; Juana Martín
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Marajai & LuxStyle Consulting at “The Royal Gala Dubai”

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The designer Yaimara Muñoz presented her bag collection in Dubai in collaboration with House of Hend (Princess of Dubai´s Brand), in which a palate of colour was dominated by blue, red and black. Her elegant and feminine style captivated Her Highness Princess Sheika Hend Al Qassemi, Princess of Dubai.

This is a totally feminine collection for the sophisticated and smart woman, as Mara explained to LuxStyle Consulting in advance of introducing the collection at The Royal Gala, which was celebrated on 6th October at the Versace Palace.

Here we leave you with some memorable photographs from the catwalk.

Call us at LuxStyle Consulting if you wish to develop your business in Dubai.

We are LifeStyle Consultants and we organise Luxury events.

AdminMarajai & LuxStyle Consulting at “The Royal Gala Dubai”
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A Glance To The Future Without Forgetting The Past

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Finally, it´s September, and with that we see the return of Fashion Week and at LuxStyle Consulting, we haven´t stopped! We have organised high fashion catwalks and luxurious events for different brands that we will bring to you throughout the duration of the month.

Aquí You can see here the photos of a fashion show that really made an impression on us! A catwalk that speaks of Europe and its future, set in somewhere as magical as the Ferrocarril Museum where all of our modes not only walked marvellously, but also they proudly wore outfits that show current themes such as recycling, the search of new materials, technology and smart materials. Without a doubt, it was a marvellous catwalk that left many surprised.

LuxStyle Consulting support the designer who wants become in a brand!

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AdminA Glance To The Future Without Forgetting The Past
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A Luxurious Argentine Roast In The Fashion Location of Sotogrande

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In the offices of LuxStyle Consulting, we couldn’t be happier to be back having closed the summer with the grandeur of a marvellous experience in Sotogrande– all thanks to Turismo Argentina who made this great event a reality, where Luxury, Fashion, and this time, Polo, united to delight us in the final of the Gold Cup of the Median Handicap of Argentine Airlines.

Turismo Argentina impressed us in Santa María Polo Club with a marvellous Argentine event. A traditional roast, at which VIPs, business people and influencers met.

AdminA Luxurious Argentine Roast In The Fashion Location of Sotogrande
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A Fashion, Luxury and…Entrepreneurship Evening Talk

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In LuxStyle Consulting`s offices in Madrid we couldn’t be happier that last week we successfully hosted our final event of the summer season in Madrid, and now as many of you know, some members of our team will be in Marbella next week for all of July and August.

We have already spent many months collaborating with different institutions and many of you are already familiar with our “Evenings of Fashion and Luxury” events. In this last one, we wanted to go a step further and give visibility to Viginia Vallejo (Ganadora del Ego Samsung), the designer of a swimwear collection that is hand-embroidered with individual Swarovski crystals, and for this we had a catwalk which was a treat for the eyes for all who were invited.

AdminA Fashion, Luxury and…Entrepreneurship Evening Talk
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A Delightful Morning Full of Positivity

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At LuxStyle Consulting, we are delighted at the success of, a digital platform that aims to connect professionals in the areas of personal and commercial development, that organised its first event in Europe “Think Positive, Do something different” in aid of the Aladina Foundation.

The opening of the event involved the marvellous Wisi SarandesesFundación Aladina, who spoke to us about the work of the foundation and the different ways of collaborating, assuring us that every donation is the smile of a child with cancer.

It was truly a delightful morning with great speakers like Lola Martínez, Montse Hidalgo y Rafeek Albertoni. We have no doubt that Ana Martinez, Director of and her team will have success.

Don’t miss the photos of this fantastic event!

AdminA Delightful Morning Full of Positivity
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History of Fashion Design (II)

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The other main protagonist of the fashion chain is trend agencies. Their objective is to minimize uncertainty in the sector, providing the same information to those who design, manufacture and commercialise because they know beforehand it is going to be centred on demand and what the consumer is going to buy. The consumer determines the “chain” every season. In this way, “the margin of error in the risky fashion sector is reduced” states Rodi in Tungate (2008, p.119).

AdminHistory of Fashion Design (II)
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History of Fashion Desing (I)

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From Louis XIV to the dictatorship of trends: fashion, design and business

Once upon a time…

Everything started in Paris with Worth[1], who was considered the first creator of a fashion brand and the fusion of design with business. Worth designed dresses for Eugenia of Montijo, wife of Napolean III, who was considered along with Marie Antoinette one of the first celebrities of history. In fact, this same author indicates, quoting the anthropologist Remaury, that the Anglosaxon term “fashion” comes from the French “façon” which means to work in a determined way. In French, it is called “Travaux á façon” in dressmaking (Tungate, 2008).

AdminHistory of Fashion Desing (I)
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